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Looking for Dance Lessons in Crows Nest – North Shore



Suite 104, 10-12 Clarke Street. The dance studio is a 7 minute walk from St. Leonard’s station, nestled in the heart of Crows Nest’s iconic restaurant/bar/café hub.

Contact Details

Any of our staff can assist you with your first enquiry, Call 02 8320 4033.

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Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 2pm – 10pm

Saturday: 10am – 2pm

What is Unique About Your Studio?

As one of the founding Arthur Murray Studios in Australia, we are celebrating 45 years in our original location. It has one of the last standing “sprung” wooden dance floors, which absorbs impact from feet to body ensuring comfort for our students when learning and dancing. The structure of the studio is partitioned into several generous areas to allow private lessons to run independently to group lessons.

Tell us About Your Staff

When selecting staff, we believe that only the best will do for our students. All our staff come from an extensive background of dance and they all have a strong passion about the benefits of dancing. Warm and patient, our staff works as a team to ensure each individual student progress at the rate that suits their learning style.

What are Your Most Popular Classes?

Too hard to choose, they are all popular!

What Advice Do You Have For the Anxious and Hesitant Learner?

It is very natural when taking the first step to be anxious and nervous. We can assure you that the hardest step you will take will be walking through our doors. Once you are in you will be immediately greeted with warmth and guided every step of the way in your dance journey. As we say, “Walk in, dance out.”

What is your pricing policy and what is the schedule?

Your very first lesson with Arthur Murray is FREE. After your first lesson, your instructor will be able to recommend a program suitable for your skill and learning pace. To get more information about pricing and timetable, please, call us on 02 8320 4033