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317 George Street, Sydney, with our entrance via Wynyard Lane.

We are located in Wynyard Lane, Sydney, behind the Menzies Hotel.

Contact Details

Call 02 8320 4030

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 1:30pm – 10pm

What is Unique About Your Studio?

Our Studio has been in the same location for 50 years. We teach people to dance with a combination of private and group lessons and put on practice parties for our students every fortnight.

Tell us About Your Staff.

We have a group of very talented full-time dancing teachers. They are fun, patient and take a great deal of pride in watching their student achieve their dancing goals.

What are Your Most Popular Classes?

A combination of Ballroom and Latin American. People want to be able to dance at any social event, whether it is a ball, nightclub, wedding or dinner dance.

What Advice Do You Have For the Anxious and Hesitant Learner?

With over 100 years of teaching people how to dance, Arthur Murray’s makes dancing fun and easy for everyone to learn.

What is your pricing policy and what is the schedule?

Your very first lesson with Arthur Murray is FREE. After your first lesson, your instructor will be able to recommend a program suitable for your skill and learning pace. To get more information about pricing and timetable, please, call us on 02 8320 4030