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Dance-O-Rama (DOR)


The Arthur Murray Schools world-wide all conduct local and international fun competitions to allow students of all levels and age groups a chance to live their dreams of performance. Commonly known as DANCE-O-RAMA or DOR, this is a whole weekend of fun activities where students compete, watch competitions, attend cocktail parties, banquets and see outstanding Professional Dance Shows.

Students of every level are encouraged to find a partner, choreograph a routine and join in on the fun with glitzy costumes and the excitement of preparing for a competition. Our dance instructors are on hand to help you every step of the way!

DANCE-O-RAMA gives students the unique opportunity of meeting other students from all around the world who share the common interest and passion for social ballroom and latin dance styles. Special awards are presented to the Top Student in each level of competition. The highest placing instructors and school receive trophies based on the students performance, so you can be proud of your performance and the prestige you’ve brought to the school. To top it all off, we also host Professional Dance Competitions with prize money for dancers who place in their categories.


DANCE-O-RAMAS are considered to be the most prestigious events for a student to participate in. The competitions and attendance can be just local as well as from all over the world. We also actively encourage our students to travel to the competitions held at our other branches around the world to compete and meet other ballroom enthusiasts. All of the Australian Arthur Murray studios have enjoyed not only our local DOR in Sydney but have traveled to The USA, Italy, Canada and France.

If you’d like to get more information about one of the DOR competitions happening at one of our international studios, talk to any of our friendly staff about sign ups, costs and competition rules.

Let’s get ready to Dance!!!