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Intermediate Dance Lessons

At Arthur Murray, we do things a bit differently! We know that dancers don’t fit into three neat little categories of skill, so instead of expecting you to fit into a pre-designed lesson plan, we build our instruction around your skill level. That way, every lesson perfectly suits your experience and fitness level and we can make the most of every minute of the time you spend with us.

The Intermediate Dancer

By now you’ve learned the fundamentals and your love of dance is really blossoming. You’ve mastered the basics, and you know that dance is about more than counting steps and floor work. This is when we start to focus on refining your technique and letting your unique personality and personal style shine through in your dance.

Have Your First Lesson on Us

No matter your skill level, if you’re new to Arthur Murray, you’re eligible to receive a free one-on-one lesson with one of our amazing instructors. Based on that lesson we will create a personalised dance plan to suit your needs.

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