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Advanced Dance Lessons

At Arthur Murray, we know that dancers don’t fit into three distinct learning stages, so instead of trying to fit you into pre-designed classes, we design every lesson based on your personal experience and skills.

The Advanced Dancer

As an advanced dancer, you have already built up the confidence to own the dance floor with your proficient dance floor techniques. You will also by this stage comfortably display:

  • Choreography skills
  • Personal style
  • Technique
  • Showmanship

In addition to social dancing and regular dance courses, we also often prep our advanced dancers for performances, exhibitions or dance tournaments.

A Different Approach

At Arthur Murray we want to make the most of every minute you spend with us and that’s why we put the focus on what you want to learn, instead of what we want to teach.

Your First Lesson is on Us

No matter how experienced you are, if you’re new to Arthur Murray, you’re eligible to receive a free one one one dance lesson with one of our amazing instructors. Based on that lesson, we will create a personalised dance plan, specifically designed to suit your needs.

To book your free dance lesson, contact the team at Arthur Murray today.