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Merengue Dance Classes

The Merengue Dance Style

The Merengue is the only Latin dance that combines one-step timing with Cuban Motion. The result is a cheerful and vibrant dance with simple steps that is excellent for beginners, particularly those interested in moving to other Latin dances like the Salsa, as their skills progress.

The Merengue is a spot dance, meaning there is very little movement around the dance floor, which makes it the perfect dance for small or crowded dance areas. The dance has very distinctive footwork, traditional Latin hip movements, and a fluid and majestic upper body.

At Arthur Murray, we have Merengue classes available for every skill level from absolute beginners, through to experienced dancers. We can even provide you with a partner if you don’t have one. Contact us today for your free lesson.

History of the Merengue

Considered the national dance of the Dominican Republic, the story of the inception of the Merengue is hotly debated.

There are two versions of the story. In one, the dance is said to have been grown out of the slave communities of the Caribbean. Sources believe that the distinctive footwork of the dance resembles the steps of people who were chained as they walk together in a procession.

In the other version, the dance is said to have been created by a returning war hero, General Maringie, who, having been injured in battle, danced with an injured leg.

Whatever its origin, the Merengue inspires dancers the world over with its cheer and energy.

Merengue Music

The Merengue music is written in 4/4 time and relies heavily on drums, saxophone and guitars. Compared with some other Latin dances, the tempo of Merengue music is quite slow, but still manages to keep the vibrant tempo usually associated with Latin music and dances.

Here are our Top 10 favourite songs to dance the Merengue to:

  1. Hot Hot Hot – Buster Poindexter
  2. Cuban Pete – Jim Carrey
  3. Colegiala – Alex Bueno
  4. La Bilirrubina – Juan Luis Guerra
  5. El Costo de la Vida – Juan Luis Guerra
  6. Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte
  7. La Quiero A Morir – Sergio Vargas
  8. Traigo Fuego – Peña Suazo & La Banda Gorda
  9. El Jardinero – Wilfrido Vargas
  10. Los Hermanos Rosario – La Duena Del Swing

How to get Started Learning the Merengue

The Merengue is a great dance for beginners, or as an introduction to the Latin dances. At Arthur Murray we offer a range of options for people interested in learning more about this simple but intoxicating dance style.

Whether you’re partnered or by yourself , an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, we can create a lesson plan that perfectly suits your circumstances.

Merengue Classes in Sydney


With distinctive footwork and Latin styling, the Merengue is one of our most popular dances, and we’ve been teaching it in Sydney for over 50 years. At any one of our studios in the CBD, Crows Nest orBondi Junction, our expert instructors will teach you all the steps in a friendly, relaxed environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the merengue, or are looking for merengue classes in Sydney, then contact us today to claim your complimentary merengue lesson:

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