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Foxtrot Dance Lessons

The Foxtrot Dance Style

Graceful and romantic, the Foxtrot is a great all-round dance that can be applied to almost any social dance scenario. Similarly, its versatility makes it work well with most kinds of music. Because of its flexibility, the Foxtrot is a great choice for couples wishing to learn to dance for social functions. It is also a popular foundation choice for people with an interest in ballroom dancing.

History of the Foxtrot

Originally invented in 1914 by vaudeville actor Harry Fox, who performed to audiences between movie screenings at the New York theatre, the FoxTrot reached the height of popularity in the 1930s and remains one of the world’s most popular dances even today.

Named for its originally quick series of steps resembling a trot, the FoxTrot has since evolved into a graceful and sophisticated dance style.

Foxtrot Music

One of the most versatile dance styles in terms of music, the FoxTrot is a popular favourite because it can easily be adjusted to suit many different tempos. It is however, best suited to a blues or big band style of music, ideally with a tempo of 110 – 135 BPM (beats per minute).

Here are our Top Ten song choices for dancing the Foxtrot:

  1. New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
  2. Summer Wind – Michael Bublé
  3. This Will be an Everlasting Love – Natalie Cole
  4. My Baby Only Cares For Me – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  5. Just in Time – Dean Martin
  6. Moondance – Van Morrison
  7. The Girl From Ipanema – Astrud Gilberto
  8. Love You I Do – Jennifer Hudson
  9. It Had to be You – Harry Connick Jr.
  10. Singin’ in the Rain – Gene Kelly

How to get Started Learning the Foxtrot

Graceful and elegant, the Fox Trot has four basic elements: glides, slides, long steps and short steps. The Foxtrot is a great dance for beginners or as a starting point for those interested in learning any of the ballroom dances. At Arthur Murray we offer a range of options for people interested in learning more about this simple but intoxicating dance style.

A timeless classic, the Foxtrot is one of our most popular dances. At Arthur Murray we have Foxtrot lessons to suit every skill level. Whether you’re partnered or coming alone, an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, we can create a lesson plan that would help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Foxtrot Sydney Classes

This classic dance is known for its elegance and grace, and is especially great for beginners. Our friendly instructors will help you master this dance in a relaxed, social setting, just as we’ve helped thousands of students over the past 50 years in our dance studios across Sydney. If you’re looking for FoxTrot classes in Sydney then you’ve come to the right place. At Arthur Murray we offer classes for singles, couples and groups, at every experience level from the absolute beginner right through to advanced dancers. Contact us today to redeem your free private Foxtrot lesson.

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