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Ballroom Dance Lessons

Ballroom Dance Style

Rather than one particular style of dance, Ballroom dancing is an umbrella term for a number of partnered dances, including the Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango. Similar in style, these dances share a number of characteristics. With gliding, graceful moves and a distinctive smooth flowing motion, ballroom dance is a popular dance at competition level across the globe.

A celebrated style of dance, Ballroom is a great choice for those wishing to increase their fitness level, while bringing some sophistication and grace into their lives. At Arthur Murray we have Ballroom lessons to suit every skill level from beginners, through to experienced dancers. We offer lessons for couples and singles alike. With Arthur Murray, you will meet new friends and start a healthy lifestyle when you book your complimentary dance lesson!

History of Ballroom Dancing

Appearing in historic texts as early as the sixteen century, ballroom dancing has had a long, splendid, and sometimes controversial history.

Originating from the Latin word ‘Ballare’ which means ‘to dance’, ballroom dancing had a reputation as a dance reserved for the most privileged of society. Its refinery and grace were seen as beautiful and “appropriate” compared with the sensuality and energy of other “less savoury” dances of the times which were popular with the lower classes.

However, when it first gained popularity, the closed hold and closeness of the partners, with the man’s arm resting around the woman’s waist, was seen by the privileged of society as completely scandalous. Eventually the dance was adopted by the upper classes, boundaries separating the classes eroded, and ballroom dancing became a much loved dance style across the world.

Ballroom Dancing Music

The type of music you will hear when Ballroom dancing depends largely on the type of dance you are learning. The songs that you dance the Waltz to will differ slightly from those you play when learning the Tango. Their only similarities lie in their graceful melodies and soothing tones.

Here are our Top Ten Ballroom Dancing songs:

  1. Too Close for Comfort – Natalie Cole
  2. Fascinating Rhythm – Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Moondance – Van Morrison
  4. Bus Stop – Hans Zimmer
  5. Come Away With Me – Norah Jones
  6. I Love Being With You – Queen Latifah
  7. A Love Idea – Mark Knopfler
  8. Ocean Waltz – Sting
  9. Hooray for Hollywood – Nancy Sinatra
  10. Guys and Dolls – Sammy Davis Jr.

How to get Started Learning Ballroom Dancing

If you’re interested in learning Ballroom dancing, we’ll start you on the basics of the Fox Trot, which is a great starting point for this beautiful, elegant dance form. By learning the Fox Trot first, you’ll be equipped with the foundations for all other ballroom styles.

With its distinctive flowing motions, Ballroom dancing is a favourite for all age groups. At Arthur Murray we offer a range of options for people interested in learning more about this simple and graceful dance style.

Whether you’re a couple or single, an absolute beginner or an advanced dancer, we create custom lesson plans that suit your personality and schedule.

Start Ballroom dancing from as early as tonight!

Ballroom Classes in Sydney


No matter your skill level, we have a Ballroom class to suit you. Choose a location convenient to you (Sydney CBD, Bondi, Crows Nest), where we’ve been teaching Ballroom classes for more than 50 years. Our dedicated group of instructors will teach you not only to dance, but also to love ballroom.

Visit one of our Sydney dance studios by taking an advantage of our complimentary free lesson offer for all new dancers.

Hours of Operation

Sydney CBD
Monday to Friday – 12:45pm – 10:00pm
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Crows Nest
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Saturday – 10:00am – 2:00pm
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Bondi Junction
Monday to Friday – 2:00pm – 10:00pm
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Monday to Friday – 1:30pm – 10:00pm
Saturday – 9:00am – 2:00pm
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