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Welcome to Melbourne, Mr Burland!

Nathan Burland is on his way to Melbourne & he is all yours between the 12-23 Dec :)
Mr Burland started in 2006 with the Crows Nest studio & has trained & worked under Chris Michaels & Joanne Mid-donte for the last 5 years.

Chris Michaels ,Austalasian Dance Director, has proudly trained & developed Nathan’s dancing from the very begin-ning, and, to date, sees Mr Burland as one of the best male Professionals he has trained.
With numerous International & National Top teacher awards, Mr Burland is an exceptional dance instructor & professional.
His plethora of knowledge teamed with his amazing patient & easy-going person-ality, makes learning with this man effortless.
Mr Burland is a strong all- round instructor, & actively instructs single females, styling lessons with single males & couples, of all levels & abilities.

Nathan is very excited to be coming to Melbourne & looks forward to meeting & working with you all.
Be sure to book your time in advance to avoid disappoint-ment