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Russell Dawes’ learns to dance with Arthur Murray Adelaide

I have always enjoyed dancing but never had any lessons, so after watching several series of Dancing with the Stars and always thinking “I wish I could dance like that….” I decided to take the plunge and look around for a dance studio. I tried several different studios all offering a free introductory lesson and after a couple of ‘hard pressure sells to join up”, I walked into Arthur Murray Adelaide and I was instantly struck by the friendly staff and the warm environment of the studio. Different classes all happening in different parts of the studio, this gave me a chance to see all different people all learning different dances.

After my free lesson I signed up instantly and so my journey began and the self doubt set in straight away…Am I going to look silly, everyone is going to be better than me, I don’t have anyone to dance with.

One of the reasons that I signed with Arthur Murray was the chance to attend as many group classes that I wanted to, as well the benefit that I can go into the studio at anytime (as long as its open) and practise.

So I started my one of one classes with a bubbly instructor that made each lesson fun and she was teaching me at my pace. Then I went to the groups classes and I soon realised everyone is so friendly. Even when I attend the socials on Friday night the really good dancers would ask me to dance (I didn’t feel too intimidated….not). The ages of the students vary considerably, it doesn’t matter what age anyone is, it is never too late to start dancing and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a partner. There always someone around wanting to have a dance.

All the teachers are great, they are so friendly and professional. They have so much knowledge to share.

After several months of practice practice and more practice, dancing had such a positive impact in my life. When I danced I didn’t think of anything else so it helped me to ‘forget stressful things in my life” When I walked through the Arthur Murray doors, I only think dance. So if I was in a grumpy mood at the beginning I would be walking out the door with a spring in my step and a big smile on my face (must be all the endorphins in my system). My posture improved dramatically, its amazing how ‘lazy’ you become over years and that has helped strengthen my back.

It’s been a year since starting and now when I dance it’s like playing golf (for those golfers out there) when you get the tee off swing right, it’s an amazing feeling when it all comes together. To me dancing is like that, but you get so many of those feelings when it works. No wonder after completing a routine on Dancing with the Stars, the contestants would be beaming with confidence with a feeling of ‘exhilaration’, they cant take the smiles off their faces.

Russell Dawes