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Russell Dawes’ learns to dance with Arthur Murray Adelaide Part 2

Since writing about my first experiences I have continued to practice and become more confident on the dance floor each week. I decided to perform in the Arthur Murray Show Case. This is where students show off with their instructors with a 3 minute choreographed by the instructor a dance of their choice infront of a huge audience.

I decided to do the Cha Cha as I wanted to push myself. My instructor put together a fancy routine and had loads of bling, pizzazz and more bling. I did steps that were at a much higher level which was fantastic.

Show cases can take upto 6 months to prepare. So we practised and practised again, as they say practise makes perfect. Each time when I thought I had finished learning new things, my instructor would highlight another area to focus on. One night she said to me “Tonight we are going to talk about facial expressions” ….What the !!!!!!!

Then we organised our costumes for the big night, more bling to match the bling steps.

One week before the actual night, we all had a dress rehearsal at the venue. There were 18 showcases in all, so after a few social champagnes (to calm the nervous) we started to run through all the routines. When it came to my turn, I was already so nervous and unfortunately the rehearsal was a total sham, it was awful. So much so that I wanted to pull out and not perform at all.

But after a week of soul searching, we went ahead.

On the night, everyone was dressed to the ‘nines’ as it was a formal occasion with loads of social dancing as well as the Show Cases and also a 3 course meal.

After my performance I was SO happy that it was over, but also I was happy with my performance. I was so glad that I did the show case and would totally recommend it to anyone learning to dance. It is different to classes and gives you another level of confidence when on the dance floor.

Russell Dawes