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Melbourne CBD Studio Update

Congratulations for a Wonderful Showcase!
We hope everyone had a fantastic time at the Showcase and we are so thrilled to have been joined by Crow’s Nest and Heidelberg! Moving for-ward, we can expect to see this again. This is the route we are expecting to take in the coming year. We will hold not one, but two all-day Showcase events a year.
From now on, we will be aiming to hold combined Melbourne/ Sydney Showcases to show off all you have worked for in the studio! We will also have a chance to do these events in Sydney as well! So what does that mean? It means that we can say “goodbye” to the days where we only perform solo routines once or are limited to one event with our danc-ing. Now, we can go to Syd-ney and perform it all again! That means more dancing and LOADS MORE FUN!
We hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Showcase. And to all those who couldn’t make it, we are looking for-ward to seeing you at the March Show-case! Let’s start getting those routines ready!
The “All Nighters” Are Back!
As many of you have seen, our studio is steadily growing in numbers! We are welcom-ing our new students into Bronze and we are welcoming the newer students into Gen-eral Variety! So what does this mean??? BIGGER PARTIES!!!
As the students are becoming more and more active in the studio, we are now going to be slowly bringing the hour and a half socials back into the mix. For the next few months, we will be having at least one full hour and a half social per month. If the numbers are consistent, we will totally keep them going! I personally think it’s a much nicer atmosphere when the whole studio is involved. This doesn’t mean you have to stay the full hour and a half but you are more than welcome to!

This will give you more of a chance to mingle with the students you know and meet the students you don’t and, not to mention, much more dancing!
The First hour and a half social we will be having will be the 23rd of Septem-ber, starting at 8:30. We hope to see you there!
You can expect to find dancing, mingling, games, and good times at our full socials and what a way to practice all you have learned!