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Arthur Murray Parramatta’s Two-Step to Success’ In The Parramatta Sun

Studio owners Melanie Sears and Mark Perkovich from Arthur Murray Parramatta were featured in the Parramatta Sun.

They say that business and pleasure don’t mix, and building a successful performing arts franchise is high risk. But Melanie Sears and Mark Perkovich have worked hard to turn their fancy footwork into a booming business. The pair showed Stacey Vanoska some of
their moves and their thriving Parramatta studio.

In the ballroom dancing world, Melanie Sears and Mark Perkovich are the elite. Members of the aristocracy. Looked up to by other dancers from around the world, both have awards and accolades too numerous to mention to prove they deserve this status.
Both have been champions in ballroom and latin and both have been dancing for more than 20 years, but about a year ago they decided they needed a new challenge. And so the Arthur Murray ballroom dance studio in the heart of Parramatta’s CBD was born.

Nestled amongst restaurants, cafes and clothing stores, the studio entry is quaint and unassuming, not hidden yet not boasting its existence. Which is much like the Arthur Murray School itself, which has been operating for
almost 100 years in countries all over the globe.

The first Arthur Murray dance school in Australia was opened in Bondi in 1963. Since then, the rich tradition of ballroom dancing through the Arthur Murray school has grown to create the likes of Melanie and Mark.

Melanie says teaching her art is a way to share her passion for dancing. “I love seeing people come in to try something new and leaving with a new sense of confi dence. And they have a really great time doing it.