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Arthur Murray In Adelaide Showcase

Adelaide’s showcase was held on Friday the 25th of February at Donato Reception Centre.  The evening was a great success with 18 performances in total. The nerves were high and you could feel the excitement  in the air and at the end of the evening we were all over come with pride and joy. Performances ranged in expertise from first timers to some true experts performing for the 15th year. We had cheeky Cha Cha’s, elegant Waltz’s, romantic Rumba’s and fiery Tango’s. The music was pumping the costumes were grand and the night was finished with a scrumptious three course meal and social dancing that took us in to the very late hours of the night. Our next performance is South Australian Dance Tournament to be held in September of 2011. We hope to see you there. These pictures are a few snap shots of our fun evening.

Tara Johnston Franchisee Arthur Murray Adelaide.

Tara Johnston, David Eaton, Simonette Giddins, Simon Noble

Arthur Murray Adelaide at the Showcase Adelaide 2011