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Matthew Aker’s Thoughts On Dancing With The Stars

I will start by saying I am no dancing judge expert, I have been teaching for 12 years and I still learn something new every day from my students and the people around me. However after watching Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) on Channel 7 this season I feel that it’s about time that someone starts to give positive and constructive criticism to the dancers on the show.  Also a clear explanation to the public on the level that the students are dancing at,  and the requirements it takes to do what it is they are being judged on.

When DWTS first started it was an amazing success because it gave the world a look into the life that people in the ballroom and Latin world go through, and an almost fairytale dream to the people at home being able to “dance like the stars”. Today’s version of the show is much different, as it takes supposed ‘stars’ who are actually not that well known, and subjects them to horrible criticism in an environment that no one would feel comfortable in (even the professionals).
I was speaking to a very well known presenter form channel 7 about why he has not participated in DWTS yet, his answer was “I would be so bad”. I think this is a perfect example of what the show is not meant to be about, the show is about “stars” taking their time to provide entertainment to the public to raise money for charity. Not about how good of a dancer someone is, and I am sure channel 7 is wondering why they cannot get any real celebrities/stars to go on the show. Would you go on the show know you would be subjected to some of the things that were said on Sunday night?

Often I am asked if DWTS has done great things for our industry,  and the simple and true answer is no. The reason why is because average Joe sitting watching  DWTS, are doing so to see their favorite celebrity/star get up and dance. To the average Joe watching the stars dance routine, they think they did quite well and “good on them for giving it a shot”, however they then watch as the star gets torn apart by a judge that is critiquing them on a level that is not applicable to their actual ability (I will get to what I mean by that in my next post).  So average Joe says “if they say that person is bad,  imagine how bad I would be!I am never going to try dancing” and that person never steps foot in a dance studio.

So everyone keep tunned in,  because I am just getting started and if I can do anything from these posts,  I hope to inform the public and the stars of all the (real/true) amazing benefits that learning to dance can do for everyone.
See you on the Dance Floor

Matthew Aker