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Matthew Aker’s Thoughts on Dancing with the Stars Post #4

I think the question needs to be asked “what makes a good teacher” I have said in my other posts about how a great teacher can inspire a student but yet again a teacher needs to inspire with a goal that is achievable to create joy and progresses within a student. There is no point shooting for the stars before we can even lift off the earth.

Last night on DWTS the judges gave some harsh but realistic feedback to Samantha. I have read allot of the posts on the Forums and I think there needs to be a clearer message given to anyone who is not a dance teacher or in the dance industry.

I have been teaching dancing now for almost 12 years and I have truly never met anyone who cannot dance. I have met people who learn slow or may not have rhythm but never who can’t dance. I have however met allot of Dancers who cannot teach, people who think that because they have an award to their name or won a trophy that they can tell someone they are a professional dance teacher.  A true professional in this industry can teach the best Tina Sparkle and the worst Marry Blog and make both of them feel and look as good as they are possibly going to look in relation to their ability and what they understand.

It’s not just about making a student stand in front of a mirror because if the person has image issues that is the worst thing you can do to them and it does not mean you can tell them to look “sexy” when they have no idea what sexy is because they have never acted that way.  Find the root of the issue and yes 90% of the time it is some sort of confidence or image issue and find a way to relate to the student on terms they can understand but most importantly feel.

I hope this was some insight

Matthew Aker