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Matthew Aker’s Thoughts On Dancing With The Stars #3

I was talking with a student today about my little adventure of writing these blogs and she brought up a very good point which was, “in some ways don’t you think they say what they say to get good ratings and make people start to talk about the show?”.In some ways she is right, as they say any loving is good loving, however I do not believe that it is a very positive way of getting what is wanted out of the show.

One thing I love about Australians is they have use the term ‘that is very un-Australian of you’, and until I moved here I had never heard anything like, it but it works. The theory of creating talk by negative comments is very un-Australian, but it does work and I follow the mentality of  ‘if you don’t have a better idea, then you can’t complain’, lucky I have a better idea.

In my first post I talked about not getting real stars onto the show because of the criticism that they were subjected to, and I stand by this fact. If the judges gave positive feedback and touched on the true benefits that learning to dance can do for people and has done for people on the show it would encourage more celebrities to look at the whole thing as a positive experience instead of public humiliation. The question has to be asked why do people watch the show and I feel the answer is for the stars! If they wanted to see profession dancing go watch a dance sport competition but if they want to see they favourite celebrity dance to raise money for charity then tune in.

The sad part is that if something does not change, then I feel this show may have run its course here in Australia and the public will lose what should be great family entertainment and the true joy of seeing stars be every day people and accomplish something amazing for themselves. Let’s hope that’s not the case.

See you on the Dance Floor!

Matthew Aker