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Matthew Aker’s Thoughts On Dancing With The Stars #2

In the last post on DWTS I said,  “critiquing them on a level that is not applicable to their actual ability”,  and that I would explain this in my next post. As this is a very important point, I felt I should make it its own individual post discussion.

I will clear up the fact that I do own an Arthur Murray Dance Studio. However my point of view comes from a very neutral place being that all industries or businesses have their positive and negative attributes, I am not here to debate that on dancing terms,  but what is consistent in all areas and types of dance is what makes a good teacher and also what makes a good judge or adjudicator.

I read once that an average teacher tells a good teacher teaches,  and a great teacher inspires! I think the same can be held true by a judge or adjudicator.  Anyone sitting at home watching DWTS can tell if a star looked good or bad in there dance, but what should make a professional is a person who can tell them what they need to do to make it better. Very few people in this world are driven by negatives or an “I’ll show you” mentality and in truth as a teacher and as a business owner if my students where told all the time how bad they were doing as appose to this is what we can do to make it better than I would have no students and in turn have no business.

Another part that a professional judge or adjudicator should be able to do is put the positive or constructive criticism in relation to the level of student that they are judging, and I feel this is a point that is so often missed on DWTS. When the judges make comments, often they sound great but in no way shape or form are applicable to the level of that dancer and what their body is physically able to do. Our body and mind mature in dancing, just like in any sport,  and before making any comment one should consider A) how long has this person been dancing for and B) are they going to be able to take my feedback and implement it.

There are a lot more to this topic, however I do not want to bore anyone and if I have not lost you by now. Another paragraph and you will be gone, so off I go to inspire another amazing student and the next post will talk about if the criticism and harsh comments are just for the ratings and if there a better way to get people watching.

See you on the dance floor!

Matthew Aker