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Social Dance

Step out of class and join our fun social dance


When you take dance classes at Arthur Murray, you not only learn great skills and get in good physical shape, but you also enter a whole new social world with a readymade calendar of fun events. Alongside the health benefits of dancing, your nightlife gets an instant boost from an exciting array of invitations to parties, gala balls and dance contests throughout the year.

All dance styles and levels of ability are covered in Arthur Murray’s social programs. You get the chance to practise your steps outside of the classroom’s structure with a mixed group from novices to advanced students, and with our instructors and other expert dancers on hand, too.

Social bonds from a love of dance

Breaking the ice and meeting new people at an Arthur Murray social dance is easy, as participants have a readymade common interest in dance and experiences of our tuition to share. It’s easy to make new friends fast as you fuel each other’s infatuation for trying out different dance styles. Dancing breaks down physical as well as conversational barriers, and you will soon find yourself toe-to-toe with a fellow partygoer without feeling self-conscious. Attending our social dances as well as your lessons will quickly grow your aptitude for both the dance of the night and your personal confidence.

Dress to impress

Dancing is not only about perfecting steps moves. It opens an all-encompassing world of self-expression. Dressing to a theme is a popular part of the action at our social dances, and of course at the competitions too. So whether fall for Latin, Swing or the Fox Trot, you can let your love of a dance style infiltrate the way you dress, both on and off the dance floor, the music you listen to, the films you watch and the way you talk. With your fellow dance mates, you can swap tips and expand your horizons further.

Dancing the night away with friends at one of our social events will not only keep you physically fit, but it’s good for the soul. Any physical activity releases endorphins which elevates your mood. The euphoria from dancing in particular has been coined a ‘natural high’.

The social fun starts with your free trial class

A free trial dance lesson is the best way to see if you might ‘get the bug’ for social dancing and a new lifestyle of personal fitness – with a twist. First choose a style from our selection of ten dances then simply register for a complimentary session. We’ll send you a voucher to take along to your nearest Arthur Murray studio for a private class with one of our talented instructors.