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Matthew Akers thoughts on Dancing with the Stars Post #5

 Usually on DWTS I think the female stars have an easier time than the male stars because for the most part they can be lead by their instructor however this year I truly feel that a few of the female teachers are outstanding and giving their male counterparts a serious run for there money.

 In particular Alana Patience and Melanie Hooper, Alana has always been a favourite instructor of mine on the show however Melanie is as good. Too often I see female teachers use their male students as props and dance poles where as these girls truly do work to their students strengths and never outshine there partners. I think there are a few male and female teachers on the show who could take a few pages out of Alana and Melanie’s teaching books.   

 I have seen so many teachers over the years who do not adjust their teaching style and there dancing or choreography to the student and its sad because usually it results in the student thinking they are not good enough and they end up feeling inferior and stop dancing.

 So on that note I want to say thank you to Alana and Melanie for showing Australia and the Fans of dancing with the stars what a truly good dance teacher can do for their students.

 Matthew Aker