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Dancer Profile: Tara Johnston

Tara Johnston

My name is Tara Johnston and I am the Franchisee of Arthur Murray Adelaide. I started dancing at the age of two. I took ballet classes, tap, jazz, contemporary classes and sang in the school musicals growing up. I loved to dance and when it was time to leave school and get a job, I opened the paper to find an add “instructors wanted, Arthur Murrays” .

I naively thought to myself, what a great way to earn money doing something I love to do. The job soon turned in to much more than that. Yes I get to dance and get paid for it but more than that I get to meet new people every day and share my passion with me and help them to feel how wonderful dancing can make you feel. It truly changes you.
I have since been with Arthur Murrays for 16 years. I teach all the ballroom and Latin American and Rock’n’Roll dances to beginner and advanced students.

My favourite style of dance is ballroom and my favourite dance, the Waltz. (at the moment, it can change without notice)There is something in waltz music that just makes me want to move and float across the floor and I feel beautiful and elegant when I do that.
Over the years I have won many awards, Top teacher, Top specialist, best choreography. As a studio owner I have gone on to win may awards also. Though none of this compares to the reward I get from teaching everyday and seeing the glee in my students eyes when they achieve something.

Dancing is such a large part of my life I have so many wonderful memory’s and experiences from my time with Arthur Murray’s. I have helped so many people reach their potential and live out their dreams of wanting to dance. My work is so fulfilling and rewarding I am truly grateful for the time I have shared with everyone. If I could give you a tip on dancing it would be to enjoy yourself, make some mistakes and have fun. Without mistakes you can cannot improve. Practise, practise, practise. It’s a partnership sport so dance interact with your partner. Give it time, it’s a skill that takes time, patience and effort to perfect, and enjoy the Arthur Murray experience.