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Dancer Profile: Matthew Aker

Matthew Aker

Name: Matthew Aker

Position at Arthur Murray: Owner/Franchisee

Arthur Murray Studio: Castle Hill

How long have you been dancing for? 12 years

Why did you go into dancing? I got into dancing because I thought it would be a great way to meet girls however in the end I have stayed not because of anything to do with meeting the girls but because of what teaching dancing does for people.

How long have you been with Arthur Murray for? 12 Years

Styles taught: All partnership dancing, if there is two people who want to dance together the rest is easy

Awards/Certificates: I have no idea what awards I have gotten over the years however if you come to the studio you will see my most prized awards of all, the students!

Best dance experience/memory: This is a hard one because I truly have hundreds. From students who have admitted to the fact that dancing saved their relationship to guys who have gained the confidence to dance and speak with women to women who have felt what it means to feel beautiful and confident about themselves. It is reasons like these that I do my job and they are things you see happen every day.

Favourite dance movie: Shaking what my Mumma gave me!

Favourite music to dance to: This is another hard one because we dance because it makes us feel so the music has to be reflective of how we feel in that moment or sometimes how we want the music to change the way we feel in that moment. At the end of the day if it has meaning and feeling I will always dance.

Dance Tips: In 12 years I have never met someone who can’t dance, I have met people who learn slow however it is our job to teach you. All someone has to do is give it a shot, just try and I can guarantee you will not regret it and if you do, come tell me so I can go to whoever that teacher was that gave you a bad experience and step on their toes! See you on the dance floor!!!