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Pick Up Good Habits Now!

There are a lot of new students walking through the door. You all have the chance to develop some really good habits right from the start. To our veteran stu-dents… Re-member, it is NEVER too late to start picking up good habits. Group clas-ses are the key to successful… well… success in your dancing!

As a teacher, I am seeing empty group classes… Not altogether empty but 2-3 and sometimes as little as 1 per-son in these classes! Group classes are total practice time to help you hold your posture up and learn steps even quick-er. You have the opportunity to practice working on things that your teacher gives you on your own… If you can do it by yourself, you know you have it in the bag.

In the beginning, you hear us say that “these things will soon become muscle memory…” However, you also hear us recommend (strongly) at least one group to every private. After your first course, these become unlimited for you. You should take advantage of them. It could mean the dif-ference between taking 1-2 weeks to get something down or 1-2 months. We have the group classes for a good reason. Those of you who don’t come to your group classes probably have noticed a stand still in your learning… There’s
a correlation there.

In short, we want all of our students to always feel like they are progressing and we love seeing you guys! So check out the group schedule… There are plenty to choose from. Try and schedule it around a private lesson or make a date night (if you are a couple) and grab some dinner before or afterward.

Trust me when I say that you should start coming to your group classes as often as you can. No matter what level you are, there is always room for more group classes. This way you know that you are learning on a consistent basis. I will always stress group classes.

Next time, I will talk a little more about the benefits of the parties! Talk about one heck of a way to practice leading and following… Not to mention, what a fun way to meet some of the other students!