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But What Shall I Wear?

Many students ask how to dress for their first event. This is an understandable question if you haven’t been to a showcase or DOR before. There are a few answers that come to mind that I have ranked most important. Let’s explore!

First off, “what do I wear?” comes to mind. Well, if you are coming for an all day event, you should dress accordingly. Should you be dancing in the events, wear comfortable clothing to the event and change into whatever clothes you will be dancing your first dances in. 9 times out of 10, you will be dancing smooth first. For Ladies, we encourage you, at an early level, to wear a nice top and a skirt that flows well. Our newbies should be focusing on the dancing more so than the costumes at this point, after all! For our ladies who have gotten a little more used to dancing, we encourage you to dress to the nines! Ball gowns, cocktail dresses, etc… If you need help finding budget costumes, let us know! For our Gentleman, we have an easy job! At any level, we can always get away with the handy, yet traditional, vest and tie— bow ties or neck ties will be perfect! If you want to go tails or dinner jacket, make sure you have ones that are made for dancing as others will rise up….Again, if you need budget options, let us know! To stay safe, however, I always recommend a good vest.

Latin is next!!! This is a great way to let off some steam! Ladies, you can opt for a slightly shorter dress or comfortable pants and a top that suits. I always say, “dress as if you were going on a sexy vacation”. Again, for the newer students, conservative is best. For our seasoned veterans, go with the costumes if you can always adds a nice touch! Always opt for nice color schemes! Gentleman, again, we have an easy job! You can never go wrong with basic black or white. Unless you are wanting to match your partner perfectly, go with black basic or dance pants and a black button down with the collar undone and the sleeves rolled up (or not rolled up). Black tees work as well! If you want to go the costume route, ask one of us to help you pick something great if you are having trouble!

That was the dancing aspect. Now, if you are wondering about the Gala Ball, I always recommend formal somewhere between black tie and not. There is no dress code per se, but you want to make sure you are dressed for a night on the town! Ladies, a nice cocktail dress, suitable to move and dance… Gentleman, a nice suit can be a dinner suit or a regular business type suit. A tie for gentleman is not required but always a nice touch!

I hope that this has helped in some way, shape, or form. Remember, if you have questions on how to dress, ask us that is why we are here! And, as always, whenever picking any type of costume or outfit, make sure you go with something that will best show you off. Stay away from anything too skimpy, in Latin especially. Remember, costumes are there to accentuate your performance… nothing else too over the top. After all, the Ballroom and Latin world is still a world we wish to keep classy. Don’t take tips from the girls you see on TV who show more of their assets than their dancing… If you know what I mean. And gentleman, make sure you dress the part you are there to treat lady with respect and beauty. Stay away from jeans unless dancing Country Western!

It’s sure to be a brilliant Showcase this year! I can’t wait to see all of you there!