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About Our Dance Studio

Why Us?

Arthur Murray is proud to be considered one of the world’s premier dance studios. We have 260 studios located across the globe and are world-renowned for our experienced staff, friendly atmosphere and excellent instructors.

We are Passionate about Bringing the Joy of Dance to Everyday Australians

Are you looking to increase your fitness level? Are you a bride-to-be wanting to wow your guests with a unique and beautiful bridal dance? Are you self-conscious about your two left feet? Whatever the reason, the amazing instructors at Arthur Murray will be with you through every stage of your dance journey to make sure that you’re having fun and making the most of each dance lesson.

We Have Classes Designed for Every Skill Set and Fitness Level

Our classes cater for absolute beginners, through to advanced level dance routines – the team at Arthur Murray have lessons to suit your dance dreams.

From increasing fitness to reducing stress, people learn to dance for so many reasons. We welcome new dancers to join us for a free private lesson – find out how learning to dance can improve your life!